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In order to ensure product quality, clarify the responsibility of both suppliers and sellers for product quality, and ensure the quality of products, the following guarantees are made:

1. The company strictly follows the ISO 9001 quality assurance system, GB/T14048 and other national standards and industry standards for design, manufacture, inspection and after-sales, to ensure that customers provide quality products and perfect services.

2. In accordance with the tenet of "quality first and service first", products are checked and recorded at every level from contract review, material purchase, process design, product manufacture to factory inspection, so that each product can be checked before it leaves the factory, so that the records of each quality control node in product production can be traced and the unqualified parts can never flow into the next place. In the process, 100% of each product is qualified.

3. Since its establishment, the company has always regarded product quality as the core of its participation in market competition. It has established a regular staff quality training system, explained new knowledge and information of quality management, continuously strengthened the quality awareness of all employees, standardized its own behavior, and ensured the company's continuous and stable production of qualified products.


Quality first, service first.
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